Programs for ADHD

Are you looking for a more enjoyable family life with your child with ADHD / executive function challenges?

Are you a college student looking for a more successful way to navigate your responsibilities?

Maybe you have students with ADHD, and you’re looking for more effective and inclusive teaching practices.

Are you trying to foster a more inclusive workplace culture in which everyone feels seen and heard?

Are you trying to get a better handle on your ADHD diagnosis and create a greater feeling of connection in your life?

I’m here to help!

I can help clients in the Greater Madrid area in person or online. However, even if you’re not in Madrid, let’s talk online or on the phone.

My programs can be delivered in English or Spanish.

ADHD Parent Coaching

Parenting is hard, no doubt about it.

My parent coaching program can help family life be more peaceful and with a greater sense of connection and enjoyment. 

College Students with ADHD

College students with executive function difficulties need tools to adapt to the independence of adult living. i 


Working with a college coach specialized in ADHD is a very effective way to gain these tools. 

Teacher Training

Teachers of students with ADHD, regardless of the grade level, can feel overwhelmed due to the specific challenges these students present.

This training program is a supportive and collaborative space, where you’ll gain tools and confidence.