Identify Your Ikigai

Are You Looking for Worksheets to Help You Identify Your Ikigai?

I offer specialized ikigai-supported ADHD coaching and inclusion facilitation in English or Spanish as well as Spanish-language ikigai workshops.

However, if you’re looking for ikigai coaching or workshops in English, you can hire me or any one of the certified Ikigai Tribe coaches.

Visit Ikigai Tribe for more information and to download your ikigai worksheets in English.

With these worksheets, you’ll find more detailed information on the ikigai concept, questions to contemplate, and exercises to help you understand and find your own ikigai.

Ikigai Misunderstood (in Spanish)

What Ikigai Means (in Spanish)

Proposed ikigai Framework (in Spanish)

Sample Application of the Proposed Framework (in Spanish)

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