Ariadne Ferro neurodiverse coach

My Approach

I’m an honest, empathetic, creative, and knowledgeable ADHD coach and inclusion educator. The resilience I’ve gained through my lived experiences along with a 20-year plus teaching and mentoring career in both the US and Spain have given me a growth mindset,which I apply to help you create a more meaningful, connected life.

I’m licensed to facilitate workshops that provide parents and teachers of students with ADHD/Executive Function challenges strategies to nurture the child they have.

I also use my training as an inclusion educator to help teams build bridges by working towards an inclusive and intercultural mindset.

Finally, as a certified Ikigai Tribe coach, I incorporate into my methodology validated models that measure ikigai to help you cultivate relationships and work towards your goals with a healthy sense of urgency.

This Is Your Path to Take, Let’s Take the First Step Together.

This Is Your Path to Take, Let’s Take the First Step Together. Our sessions will be guided by a covenant of challenge, support, honesty, and respect.

I’ll be here to accompany you, to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and reframe your long-held perspectives and limiting beliefs to bring about your desired results. What I ask from you is an open mind, trust, and the willingness to lean into discomfort and do the work. It will be worth it!

I wish you much success!

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